Thursday, August 16, 2012


Oh man. I've been dreading writing this post because then it means that summer is almost over.
 As some of you may know, I went away for the summer to work at a summer camp. This journey has been filled with every emotion, some good and some bad, but I wouldn't trade this summer for anything. I got dirt in places dirt doesn't belong and I met bugs, no one should meet! I found friends that will never leave and learned things that shouldn't be taught in books. I missed home like crazy and I cried more then once. I laughed so much my face still hurts and I hugged so much my arms got longer. I learned that life is more then a desk and this computer and I found beauty in little things.

I did things that I didn't think I could do.
I slept under the stars, just me and a sleeping bag. I went 5 days without a shower. I lived in a tent for 3 months. I lived with bugs! I canoed (I thought I was to fat to canoe, but I'm not and I DID IT!). I got a bullseye at archery! I faced my fear of the dark. I caught a snake. I went skinny dipping with skinny people. I lived freely and didn't care what I looked like. 

Sleeping unit. The kids slept in cabins, we slept in tents!
The view from my tent.

 I met some amaizing people this summer. I made some life long friends in the oddest of situations. I gave some good advice and learned to get along. I had a sholder to cry on and people lent me theirs a few times too. I made friends with people from around the world! I found solice and familiarity with these crazy people and I learned to let things go a little more everyday. This journey was made special by the people that I surrounded myself with and I feel privilaged to have had the chance to have them in my life, even  if just for a few months. 

counselor fashion show! I was a french tourist!

This summer has been so special in so many ways. Thank you to all the people that helped me through it and thanks to all the great people who were there along for this crazy ride. This opportunity was priceless and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it. Except for maybe the food! The food was gross.This has defiantly been the most unique, fun, weird, hardest, rewarding jobs I've ever  had!

To the dreams of summer and the magic of camp, this summer will always be held close in my heart. To the keepers of time and the holders of memories, let this moment be remembered always. To the great people that graced it's dirt filled paths, thanks for making my life a little brighter.


  1. Aw that's awesome! Now I want to work at a summer camp! (Can I bring my baby and husband? hmmm... )

  2. I'm glad you had an adventurous summer, but I'm glad your back. I missed your face! =)